Announcing the 26th Henderson Symphony Orchestra Young Artists Competition

YouTube audition deadline February 15th, 2021

Henderson Symphony Orchestra announces the 26th Young Artists Competition An inspiring program for emerging musicians up to 18 years old.

The Henderson Symphony Orchestra (HSO) is proud to announce the 26th Young Artists Competition in partnership with the City of Henderson. Unlike most music competitions for youth, the HSO does not require the applicants to adhere to a list of solo pieces. According to Music Director Alexandra Arrieche:

"HSO’s Young Artists Competition is one of the most inspiring programs for young musicians I’ve ever been part of, and I could not be more proud of it.

The HSO offers the Young Artists a unique opportunity to choose any piece to be accompanied to an orchestra. With that we have a diverse, didactic and enlightening repertoire. I personally work with the winners and teachers prior the first rehearsal so they can feel fully prepared and confident after facing an orchestra for the first time.

Our program opens doors and possibilities for the Young Artists to fulfill their dreams of performing with an orchestra in front of a big audience and offers them the chance to share their music with an endless palette of sounds.”

The competition is open to residents of Clark County, Nevada and will be divided into two divisions; the Junior Division for participants up to 14 years old and the Senior Division for participants up to 18 years old. Solo musicians, duets and small ensembles may be selected in each of the three categories: Strings, Wind/Brass/Percussion ensembles and Piano/Voice.

All events will be conducted online via video upload or live stream due to COVID.

The deadline for audition materials and videos uploaded to YouTube is February 15th, 2021.

The HSO Jury will choose up to six winners, two in each category, plus Honorable Mentions (if applicable), and a People’s Choice Award to be voted on via online poll.

Winners will be featured at a live stream concert performance via the City of Henderson and Henderson Symphony Orchestra YouTube channels on March 12th, 2021.

Visit for the full 26th HSO Young Artist Competition guidelines.