Henderson Symphony Orchestra to offer Philip Glass in CHANGES Season Finale

Featuring 'American Seasons'.

May 21st, 2021

7:00 PM

Our HOPE concert ended with Beethoven Symphony n.6, named “Pastoral”. This symphony was written just after the famous 5th Symphony, known for the “Fate motive” filled with uncertainty and tension. After such an explosion of emotions, Beethoven decided to look for answers in Mother Nature, writing the first programmatic symphony. As well as Beethoven, HSO found inspiration in nature and the cycle of seasons as a metaphor for changes. Many composers were inspired by the Seasons, with Vivaldi's perhaps the most famous of them all.

"Our CHANGES puts the spotlight to the great American Composer Philip Glass and his American Seasons, in contrast with the amazing Argentinian Composer Astor Piazzolla (centennial celebration!) and his Estaciones Porteñas (Porteñas Seasons)." - Alexandra Arrieche, Music Director

Join us for CHANGES, featuring:

Philip Glass: American Seasons

Astor Piazzolla: Estaciones Porteñas

Thank you to our sponsor, the City of Henderson, along with our community partners at the City of Henderson for giving local Arts and Culture a place to call home!