HSO & Ballet120 bring 'Sights and Sounds of the City' to Henderson City Hall and your living room!

A live stream of the first HSO GO Pop-up performance Oct 3rd, 7pm

Members of Ballet120.

City of Henderson to live stream Henderson Symphony Orchestra’s first HSO GO Pop-up performance in collaboration with Ballet120

Henderson Symphony Orchestra (HSO) and Ballet120 have come together to bring music and dance to the people in this inaugural collaboration between the two companies and thanks to the innovative support of the City of Henderson’s Cultural Arts team. The "Sights and Sounds of the City" event is offered online via the City of Henderson’s YouTube channel to ensure the health and safety of the public with respect to state COVID regulations.

Percussionists Amy Crosley and Gabriela Ordoñez Villa Lobos. Photo: Jason Hekkert Photography.

HSO will announce its plans for the upcoming 2020/2021 season on October 3rd to coincide with the event where musicians and dancers will be masked. Percussionists Amy Crosley and Gabriela Ordoñez Villa Lobos will perform Latin, Jazz and new music to accompany dances created by choreographer Benjamin Tucker and performed by dancers Emma McGirr, Betsy Lucas, Sergio Alvarez, Mirella Costa Neto, Jaime DeRocker, Alissa Kekoa Dale, Joshua Kekoa Dale, and Ekaterina Pokrovskaya. The duet pieces will be performed by a married pair in observance of social distancing guidelines.

“The choreography is contemporary movement formed from a strong ballet base. In addition to the set pieces, the dancers will also be using improvisational skills to interpret the music to create a new work in real time.” – Benjamin Tucker

Ballet120 is an innovative, professional dance company founded in the fall of 2018 by dancer and choreographer Benjamin Tucker. The mission of Ballet120 is to bring a new awareness and love of the art form by using social media platforms to showcase videos of 120 seconds or less. Ballet120 seeks to change how ballet can sometimes be limiting in its exclusivity by engaging a larger, more diverse audience and is committed to consistently pushing the art form forward while remaining open to the endless opportunities the community presents.

Their focus on innovating their artform for the community is a natural fit for the HSO and the Pop-Up format is a great way for Music Director Alexandra Arrieche to empower musicians within the ensemble:

“Ballet120 represents for dance what the HSO represents for music to the community. We both serve missions that bring our artforms to a larger, more diverse community.” – Alexandra Arrieche

The Henderson Symphony Orchestra's (HSO) has served as a cornerstone of culture in Southern Nevada since 1987 and its mission is to promote classical music appreciation to a diverse audience, through performance, educational outreach, and artistic collaborations.